Pintor Medium Bullet Tip Marker Pen 4.5mm Tip - Choose Colour - SW-PT-M



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Colour: Black
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Unleash your imagination! Pilot Pintor expresses your creative talent.

Want to redesign clothing, personalise an object, customise furniture or decorate dishes?

Pilot Pintor brings all of your ideas to every material. Perfect for drawing, colouring, decorating, marking, writing, calligraphy, and more. With its ultra-covering power, this pigment-rich water-based ink covers any surface, even the darkest ones.

Paper, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, fabric... Pilot Pintor decorates all materials, including porous and dark surfaces.

Pilot Pintor puts colour anywhere you want it! Pilot Pintor is ready for all your decoration, customisation, personalisation, scrapbooking needs, and much more.

Embark on a creative journey with Pilot Pintor and all of the available tips, going from meticulous creations using the extra fine tip to doing artwork that requires colouring in with the wide tip. Results are the colour of your inspiration!

  • Ideal for larger scale outlining and colouring
  • Multi-surfaces
  • Water-based pigment ink
  • High resistance tip

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